Klondike CoolRack™

The Klondike CoolRack™ is a product for addressing hot spots in rack mounted electronics in an IT, data centre or broadcast environment. In densely packed racks, the room air conditioning system is not always capable of effectively removing the waste heat from high power electronic equipment. This can have negative consequences in terms of reliability and signal quality. The Klondike CoolRack™ works with and supplements the room air conditioning system to give targeted cooling of these localised hot spots.
Cooling elements protrude into the rack and patented solid state Klondike CoolPipe™ technology is then used to extract excess heat and dissipate it into the air conditioned ambient environment.

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A typical 42 unit electronic rack showing only 20 spaces being utilized

The Klondike CoolRack™ fitted to a standard 19″ electronics rack


  • No moving parts
  • Silent operation
  • Frees up rack space
  • Reduces OPEX & CAPEX
  • Optional cooling levels
  • Fits to a standard 19″ rack
  • Retrofittable
  • Easy to install

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