Klondike CoolPipe Technology

The Klondike CoolPipe™ system has no moving parts or reliance on filters, compressors etc, which means exceptional low maintenance in the field which is ideal for remote installations. In essence the Klondike CoolPipe system works by the action of the cooling elements. The cooling element draws heat from the targeted area and dissipates this through the heat sink. The system itself requires a very low current to drive the system as an extremely effective heat pumps.

System Performance

Graph 1.1 below shows the highest daily temperature inside two Klondike CoolBath Plus units as reported by a GPRS monitoring system. The ambient temperature readings were taken from Accuweather.com.

The Klondike CoolBath Plus units were installed on the 8th of October 2015 and remain live in Doha, Qatar. The graph is comprised of 388 individual daily readings concluding an extensive trial period. Both units have been visited bi-annually but neither have required maintenance beyond a quick dusting for sand.

Given the comprehensive data collected over the extensive trial period we have successfully proven the ability of the Klondike CoolBath Plus to maintain batteries at their optimum temperature levels with a technology which has no moving parts, zero maintenance, greater reliability and less energy consumption than the method currently in use.

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