Klondike CoolBath Indoor

Many electronic devices can be effectively operated at higher temperatures than VRLA batteries. Therefore maintaining a room at a lower temperature for the benefit of the batteries is wasteful. The Klondike CoolBath™ Indoor is designed to cool VRLA batteries in BTS shelter and UPS room applications. The Klondike CoolBath™ Indoor enclosure holds up to four standard 12V VRLA
batteries, which thermally isolates them from the ambient environment. Patented solid-state Klondike CoolPipe™ technology is then used to maintain the batteries at the optimum 20°C whilst the ambient temperature in the room increases up to 35°C. This allows the air conditioning set point temperature in the room to be raised with resulting energy savings for the operator and overall improved reliability.

The Klondike CoolBath™ has the following features:

  • High reliability (no moving parts)
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low power consumption
  • Fits in a 23″ rack space
  • Up to four modules can be securely stacked on top of one another
  • Suited for use with VRLA batteries that are pre-plumbed for hydrogen

Three Klondike CoolBath™ modules stacked on top of each other. Each module holds four standard VRLA batteries


The Klondike CoolBath™ Indoor incorporates features to enhance the security of the batteries. When inside, the batteries are protected by a tough, double walled GRP enclosure fitted with tamper proof, custom-keyed bolts to secure the lid in position. This makes the lid extremely difficult to remove without the custom bit.

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